Effective Cotton Sound Absorption Rolls

Echoless Roll Materials for Superior Noise Absorption

Class A Fire Rated for Commercial Usage

Perfect Material for Making Your Own DIY Acoustical Panels

Incredibly Low Per Square Foot Cost

NRC Rating 1" thick Echoless Roll Material Frequency(Hz)
125hZ  250hZ  500Hz  1kHz   2kHz  4kHz  NRC 
   .07       .33          .72       .99         .93      .96     .75


What does this sound rating mean to you? 
It means that the Echoless Roll Material absorbs 75% of sound sent into it and reflects 25%. The higher the NRC number the more echo and reverb is reduced. The more of this material used the greater the reduction in echo and reverb time.

Echoless Roll is acoustical insulation which comes in roll form and is ideally suited for economical noise absorption and sound reduction in gymnasiums,auditoriums, classrooms, music rooms, arenas & stadiums, churches, offices, computer rooms, restaurants/cafeterias, residential buildings, concert halls & theaters, pro audio, gun firing ranges, manufacturing plants, machine enclosures, water treatment plants, multi-purpose rooms, community centers and more.