Soundproofing Blankets/Curtains

Easy to install for machine enclosures, temporary walls, over windows and doors, garage doors, etc.


The American Sound Blankets are a combination of a Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) barrier material with a sound absorption material such as fiberglass on both sides of the blanket. These two materials are then covered with a quilted fabric blanket material and then grommets are placed into the blanket. Our standard American Sound Blanket is a composite blanket consisting of 1# per square foot American Mass Loaded Vinyl with 1” thick fiberglass on both side, metal grommets along the top, and a quilted cover on both sides in either white, black, tan, or silver colors.

The American Sound Blanket is an easy product to install for machine enclosures, sound isolation between two sections of a room, as well as door area coverage. Blankets include grommets at top and velcro fastners and overlap between panels. They can be hung with standard J and S hooks, available at hardware stores.


STANDARD: Four week lead time for production of blankets without expedite fee.

EXPEDITE: One to two week lead time for production with 20% expedite fee.

Please Call for sizes that are not listed below or for American Sound Blanket enclosure quotes.